God is good all the time. When I first heard about this initiative, I was hesitant. I was not well at that time and I stopped my exercise totally after the pandemic began. Later Jenny Robby, my friend, asked me to donate then I started rethinking about it and on a whim, became a participant. 

Every day after that, with Jesus as a partner I enjoyed doing this race and requested practically all of my friends and family using whatsapp, facebook, and messenger. I practically begged them to donate at least $20 for feeding a family for 15 days. I started with an initial goal of $420 that you guys set for me. That I achieved within 2 days. Praise the Lord It gave me some motivation. Then I increased it to $1000 and that I achieved within a week. Then I raised it to $2000 and that also I achieved by last Saturday. Then you wrote an email to get at least $20 more within the next 24 hours. So I texted 8 people in the hope of getting $20 but it was a miracle 3 people donated, first one $25, next $150 and last $50. Everyone donated more than $20 and in total I got $225 in donations on the last day.

Whenever I sent a request I prayed for them. I think it helped a lot in my fundraising. In the end I got $2270. Like in psalm 18:30 it says “With you I can rush an armed band, with my God to help I can leap a wall.”

The race helped me not only to grow more in friendship with Jesus, but I restarted my daily church going (in person not online), my personal prayers, Bible reading and even studying some new course. I was a little bit lazy sometimes. So it was a great experience for me to participate in this race spiritually, emotionally and  physically too.

Thank you Brian and Lumen Vitae team for creating this big opportunity for me to race with Jesus for feeding 500 families in Haiti.

With lots of Love and prayers, Maria Grace George Phoenix