Sponsor A Child Today

Your support helps us remain agile so we can continue to be there for the most vulnerable children, especially during a crisis. By supporting a marginalized child’s education today, you will help the child learn, thrive, and lead to creating a promising future that they can successfully achieve for themselves, their community, and Haiti.

Child Sponsorship

Your donation would enable an impoverished child living in Haiti to attend school, get formation/mentorship, and receive other basic necessities for their education.

$30/month or $360/year per student

Support the Lumen Vitae Fund

Help create a generational impact in communities around Haiti!

Our Annual Reports

Ninety-six cents out of every dollar (96%) donated to Lumen Vitae goes directly towards helping children and families in Haiti. To learn more about our programs, click to review our Annual Report. If you have any questions, please get in touch with connect@lumenvitae.us