What an amazing start to our Race For The Light!

In the first two weeks of our campaign, you have been able to raise just over $100,000! This means that 500 families in Haiti will be able to have food on their table every day through March! This is a huge accomplishment in itself and we are even more motivated by your partnership in trying to reach this goal!

When we began this journey on trying to meet this challenge to be able to feed our families, we knew that it would be a huge undertaking. We need $240,000 to be able to meet the $40 monthly cost to feed 500 families for 12 months (500x40x12=$240,000). Since this was the first time that we had ever tried an initiative like this, we thought that it would be amazing if we could at least reach $100,000 from this racing event alone. 

Inspired by how much you all have stepped up to this mission, we are raising our target to $240,000 – hoping that we will be able to meet our entire goal of feeding families until next October through this event! The participating families not only receive food on a monthly basis, but they are also enrolled in formative service programs in their community. The funds you raise are multiplied over and over again to give light amidst the darkness which so many of our families face! 

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email me back.