Our Mission


Towards a more Dignified Life


To Inspire Hope & Virtue


To Build a Brighter Future


We believe that God has given each person an inestimable value.

In response to the challenge set by Jesus, we seek to help people by showing them His mercy and compassion. We are convinced that brighter world of peace a justice is possible when people strive to grow in knowledge and virtue. When people know & embrace what is truly good, they can begin to lead lives directed towards the good for which they have been created.

Accompanying people, not systems

While we recognize that we cannot eliminate poverty as a system, we can journey with people towards a more dignified life.

We’re a humanitarian organization aimed at tackling the causes of poverty and injustice in the world, using an approach of building people which promotes the growth and development of the whole person. Through projects which encourage people to become active participants in decision making, it empowers individuals to decide their own future and the future of their communities.

Our Projects

To Help See the World in its Fullness

Race For The Light

We are trying to feed 500 families in extreme poverty with a meal from Nov 1 – Oct 31, 2021.

Child Sponsorship

We strive to provide children living in poverty with the means to receive an education & create a brighter society

Higher Ed Scholarship

We promote the advancement of young people by providing holistic vocational education in English & Computer Literacy through our Center

Join the Mission

These are some of the ways which you can help bring dignity & hope to people suffering in poverty.

Child Sponsor $30/month
  • Tuition
  • Materials
  • Annual Medical Checkups
  • Feeding Progam
Higher Ed $100/month
  • Tuition
  • Materials
  • Annual Medical Checkup
  • Transportation
Fight Hunger Goal of $240,000
  • Food daily for 500 families
  • Enough food for 1 year
  • Accompaniment
  • Service projects

Faith & Action

In 2016 as the Catholic Church celebrated a Jubilee Year of Mercy, the Holy Father Pope Francis called on the generation of young people to “To blaze trails that open up new horizons capable of spreading joy, the joy that is born of God’s love and wells up in your hearts with every act of mercy.“ Inspired to bring God’s love and mercy to those in parts of the world who are deprived basic dignities, several members of the Jesus Youth movement in the United States decided to respond by creating Lumen Vitae. Lumen Vitae, which translates as ‘Light of Life’ in English, is a non profit humanitarian organization founded by the Jesus Youth Movement which works to help people living in poverty see this world in its fullness. Jesus Youth is a global lay organization recognized by the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for the Laity, with a focus on the Catholic faith formation of young people in over 25 countries around the world.

Become a Volunteer

Have you ever wanted to work for kids who are underprivileged? Do you have a few hours a week you can commit to helping us further our mission?

Here, you are welcome to apply to our team to work as a volunteer. You can submit your information to become volunteer. We will review your information within a week and then contact with you to see how you might be able to help



If you have any questions regarding any of our projects or would like to learn how you can get involved with our mission, please contact us!

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