Child Sponsorship

We strive to provide children living in poverty with the means to receive an education & create a brighter society

The current situation:

Education in Haiti is among the poorest in the Western Hemisphere and is far below other Latin and Caribbean countries. Nearly ⅔ of the Haitian population is illiterate. Less than 30% of students make it to the sixth grade and 20% to secondary school. The government does not have sufficient resources for school and scholarships for poor families simply do not exist. The 2010 earthquake further exhausted the education system, destroying schools and displacing nearly 50% of the nation’s students. This in conjunction with significantly increasing tuition costs over the last decade, have made it nearly impossible for a Haitian child to receive a proper education.

How we helped:

We strive to provide a value based education to 400 children with a particular focus on:

Intellect – helping them encounter the truth
Morality – helping them embrace ways to incorporate virtue into their daily lives
Social – helping become agents of change in their community and the larger society
Faith – helping them grow in their understanding of faith and religion

How can you respond?

If you are able to make a monthly donation of $30 you will help a child pay for:

  • Tuition – He/She would be attending one of our partner schools.  With our partner schools, we are able to regularly track the students’ academic performance & work with the school to provide extra support as needed.

  • Materials – He/she would be able to purchase a uniform, textbooks, backpack & shoes.

  • Clean water – We ensure the delivery of safe water to our partner schools.

  • Feeding Program – He/She would receive breakfast and lunch daily during the school year.


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