Newsletter: Introduction to Jemps Jean

In 2010, after the earthquake in Haiti, Jemps Jean was touched by the relief efforts of strangers who came to help his community in Corail. His interaction with Jesus Youth volunteers inspired him. 

“I remember Fr Vinod Madathiparamil asking me, ‘Jemps, what do you want to do with your life?’  And I knew in my heart this is what I wanted to do – support my community!”  From his own life, Jemps has seen how God helped him get an education even when it was impossible for him. “God gave me so many people to support me and I don’t have anything to give back. But, if you can give someone a good education, that’s better than giving money or food,” he shares. 

Today, he works as the Field Manager for Lumen Vitae, and is our main point of contact between families and schools. He ensures that children are attending classes, collects their grades, and follows up with both families and schools. “I want to work with my people and give back to this community,” he says with determination.

Jemps lives with his wife, Mirelle, and three children – Marnelly, Emily, and Emityaïna, in the neighborhood of Jerusalem.