Higher Ed Scholarship

We promote the advancement of young people by providing holistic vocational education in English & Computer Literacy through our Center

The Current Situation:

With the government’s lack of strength and capacity to provide a full range of educational services to the majority of children in Haiti, the number of professionals in the country who can help lift up the community is far too few. Only 1.1% of young people receive an education at the university level (1.4% for men & 0.7% for women).

How we help:

Lumen Vitae has launched a vocational school which will give educational opportunities for high school graduates who may not have the opportunity to receive a college education, but wants to support their families through a meaningful career. Using in classroom and remote learning methods, young people are now able to gain a competitive advantage in both English and computer literacy.

How can you respond?

If you are able to make a monthly donation of $100 you will help a child pay for:

  • Tuition – He/She would be able to attend a professional degree course at our Learning Center in Croix-Des-Bouqets, Haiti.

  • Materials – He/She would be able to purchase textbooks, & materials needed for the courses.

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